The cycle inspired by a reflection on the behavior of modern man. Our senses are overstimulated by too many impulses and by an overwhelming stream of information. The artworks refer to the phenomenon of the 'civilization amblyopia and hearing disorder', caused by the conditions of living in the contemporary world. The variety of visual experiences depends on the active work of the intellect. The cycle presents the 'space between' built by the light. This is an intimate space - magical, a sphere of mystery and riddle, where one can see the simultaneity of the past and the present.

UV print on the silk, dimensions 116×162 cm
(Sulejówek 2014)


Refleksje 1

Reflections 1

Refleksje 2

Reflections 2

Refleksje 3

Reflections 3

Refleksje 4

Reflections 4

Refleksje 5

Reflections 5