About me

Katarzyna Betlińska was born in Warsaw. She has a Ph.D. in the discipline of fine arts. She graduated from the Printmaking Studio of Prof. Andrzej Węcławski. Annex in the Poster Workshop of Prof. Mieczysław Wasilewski and the Drawing Studio of Ph. D. Rafał Kochański at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is a member of the Society of Graphics Art Creators 'Kissprint', cooperating with the group 'Positive Art' and the organization 'Young thanks to Art'. Her artworks were presented at over 90 collective and 11 individual exhibitions, not only in Poland, but also in Belgium, Bulgaria, China, France, Japan, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Italy and the USA.

She was awarded the Plaque for the graphic work done in relief printing on the 1st International Exhibition of Block plates (Ex libris) in Subotica (Republic of Serbia) in 2015. She received the Scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw for people involved in artistic creation in 2012. She won 3rd prize in the 'Warsaw Graphic Competition' in September 2009.

Katarzyna Betlińska experiments with traditional graphic techniques and alternative photographic processes, adjusting them to new challenges. She finds these experiments exciting. As an artist, she is constantly looking for new artistic forms of expressing herself, but consistently comes back to the technique of biochromate gum. She developed an original technique called 'BETLINY' on the basis of this technique. Her artistic endeavors are filled with passion and joy of creation. This way she tames the world that seems to rush and lose sight of the hierarchy of values, including the value of existence of every human being. Globalization and consumerism are just some aspects of the 21st century. Many of us feel lost and hopeless. But the artist, against all odds, emphasises what is important to her – the most valuable and inalienable value – individuality. According to Katarzyna Betlińska, thanks to modern art the border between self-presentation and artist’s commentary disappears. Creation is the evidence of the truth.